Technical skills are a given for finance professionals, whether you work in an accounting or financial services firm, or in industry. It is essential for finance professionals to communicate effectively, drive greater operational efficiency and build critical management. Developing leadership skills to help you, your team and the organisation grow is the need of the hour.

For example:

  • As finance professionals you need to engage with your investor clients by communicating the financial information related to investments, in a structured, professional manner using jargon-free language. This enables clients to make informed decisions.
  • Newly qualified accounting and tax professionals and graduates who work directly with clients play a key part in managing client relationships and expectations.
  • New managers may have a number of years’ professional, technical experience but may not necessarily possess robust management experience. 
  • As people with technical expertise grow professionally and become managers, they should be able to delegate and influence; empower and engage with their teams; manage conflicts and difficult conversations; be responsive to change and be resilient in today’s testing times.

How do you create stand out teams, when budgets are tight, time is short and managers need to strike balance between empathy and productivity? 

The CPD UK Certified World Class Manager programme has been designed to do just that and much more.  World Class Manager is an international management programme designed to provide new, aspiring and existing managers with the very best tools and techniques used by 1000’s of great leaders and managers around the world.

About the Programme

  • World Class Manager programme consists of 12 highly focussed modules with full access for a one year.
  • Each individual module includes bite-size videos, workbooks, practical activities, interactive assessments and reflection questions.
  • Available anywhere – anytime. The programme gives time-poor managers the flexibility to access and utilise the programme according to their personal preference. 
  • This programme is for both for individuals and organisations.

Since completeing the course –

  • 97.9% of World Class Manager graduates believe that working on the three key focusses of a great 21st Century Manager (Performance, People and Customers) has increased their impact as a manager
  • 95.8% of World Class Manager graduates believe they have improved how they set goals for themselves and for their team
  • 95.8% of graduates believe that they can think and plan more more strategically and can manage up more effectively because of World Class Manager
  • 95.8% of WCM graduates believe they are able to develop themselves and their team members
  • 97.9% of graduates are comfident in the fact that they can create a high performing team
  • 91.7% of WCM graduates believe they have a better understanding of their customers, their needs, and how to meet them
  • 93.8% of World Class Manager graduates believe they know how to make their meetings more effective
  • 91.7% of WCM graduates believe they have the tools to improve their presentation skills
  • 95.8% of WCM graduates believe they have improved their team briefings
  • 89.6% of WCM graduates belove they have improved their time management
  • 93.8% of WCM graduates believe they know how to run more impactful appraisals

Key ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills are critical for all managers to master – from coaching to delegating, from managing change to managing conflict and many other fundamental competency areas in between.

Develop your people to become the World Class leaders and managers that the business cannot function without, in a cost effective manner at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

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