As 2020 draws to a close and remote working  continues for most organisations, we cover useful tips that will help financial services leaders to manage their teams with empathy and effectiveness.

  1. Online Buddy System 

Ask members of your team to pair up with someone else and spend a couple of hours online working together every day or at least a few times a week. This will ensure collaboration amongst colleagues and take away some of the isolation that may creep in with a prolonged work from home situation. 

  1. Appreciate Communication and Feedback

Communication is the most important factor that can make or break work relationships. With finance teams working remotely, it becomes even more essential to communicate in the right manner. Communication and feedback are a part of the process in building a great working culture. As a manager, take the feedback constructively and keep the communication lines open for both sides.

  1. Fix Issues

If this is the first time your team is working from home – different issues may come up from time to time. Organisations should offer any support to mop up some of these issues for the team and get them solved. This is a great motivation and showcases your support as their manager.

  1. Peer Coaching and Mentoring

Enable and empower your team to coach and mentor each other. This is one of the most effective learning and development tools that help you build a cohesive team. 

  1. Instant Recognition

It does not necessarily have to be instant but recognition is the key word. As soon as your team has done something or an individual has done something noteworthy, ensure that the senior leaders in the organisation are made aware of it. It is great for you as a manager, great for the team, great for the individual and great for the business because senior leaders get to understand the amount of amazing work that’s happening across the board.

  1. Home Life Check-in

This is very important to understand because in some cases people are going through difficult situations at home which have been compounded by the uncertainty and anxiety created by the pandemic. It is sometimes tricky and delicate to raise this conversation with colleagues but it is very important and can be very useful as currently the work and home life may have blurred. 

  1. High and Low Journaling

Ask your team to document the great things and the more challenging ones that they are experiencing and to keep two ledgers – for the positive and negative thoughts. Teams may find it useful to discuss these thoughts in conversation. Managers will be able to offer adequate support through this cathartic process.  

  1. Keep the Morale Up 

It might be fun to do something together as a team – an online book club or a non-work catch up . The point is to add variability and break the monotony that may seep in due to months of remote working.

  1. Care

During this time – as a manager, trying to understand what people are going through, understanding their frustrations and deepest challenges is probably one of the best things you can do. Ensuring your team feels cared for, valued, heard, understood is imperative for their well-being and productivity. 

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