Three Tips To Prevent Manager Overwhelm And Burnout-SMGC

The Global Growth Institute conducted research with managers across the world to understand what they really think and what organisations are doing right – and wrong.

One of the questions asked was: “If you could change one thing about your role as manager, what would it be?”

29% said lack of time is the biggest issue for today’s manager. Nearly three in 10 mentioned having more time when asked what one thing about their role as manager they would change if they could wave a magic wand.

This is an age-old problem and as the world of work speeds up managers will have to deal with ambiguity and constant change, putting even more pressure on their time. Timely learning, a better process for sharing knowledge, and improving communication will all be vital if managers are to help their companies thrive.

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report, “65% of executives say overwhelmed employees are an urgent or important issue”.

To help prevent manager overwhelm and burnout, HR should consider implementing the following practices:

  • Auditing Time: It’s often surprising for managers to observe how they spend their time. Asking a small number of managers to look at how they spend their time for one month, for example, can be enlightening. Then look at what can be refined, stopped, and in some cases, even killed off!
  • Learn Fast: There will be much that is unclear to managers with respect to the journey in the short term and longer-term. We can help managers by mapping out the first 100 days and explaining what great looks like.
  • Effective Delegation: This is, without a doubt, the key/critical skill that stands between managers’ progression to more senior roles and between an average and high-performing team. Identify5-10 managers who are exemplars, learn from how they do this and help others to replicate these key behaviors.

Other areas managers would like to change include more empowerment, more confidence, and support with remote working.

Source: Management 2021 – The Manager’s Voice: 300 global managers on what’s needed, right now (World Class Manager).

“Optimising Your Time” is one of the 12 modules in World Class Manager Series One.