Our New World. How To Win.

The key to business success during this unprecedented time is effectively engaging with clients. It is important to spend time and energy on building long-term relationships to push your business forward.

Square Mile Global Consulting and the Global Growth Institute recently organised a webinar focusing on the three aspects that are key to the success of any organisation: (a) productivity (b) talent and (c) communications. This is more relevant in these unprecedented times and apply to all types of organisations – private sector, government and charitable organisations.

Wayne Clarke, Founding Partner at the World Class Manager led the thought-provoking session. The key highlights are as follows:


Employee engagement is very important to drive productivity. This is across the board from leadership perception to management capability to career development. All these need to be present to drive the “productivity” of teams.

  • A key aspect that Wayne highlighted is the leadership team coming up with a vision for the organisation that excites people.
  • The relationship with line managers is another important aspect and the question to ask is “Do you feel valued as a member of the team”? Communication plays an important role here.
  • An organisation that can offer people opportunities to learn, grow and develop generally sees better engagement and hence increased productivity.

Wherever you are in the world, the best companies to work for focus on these three important aspects that drive productivity. If you can get these three things to work, then you will find that productivity becomes an easy problem to solve through engagement.


The key to success in an organisation is its ability to leverage talent. There are three stages of finding, growing and retaining talent.

It is key for organisations to bring in the right talent in the first place. When investors look to invest in a company, they spend a lot of time on understanding the quality of their managers. Organisations always recruit smart people, but the key question is whether it is smart at leveraging talent. We generally find that organisations that are growing fast are finding clever ways of leveraging talent.


Communications is a big part of any organisation. Wayne said that the one thing every manager should ask is whether the quality of communications is improving. Most large organisations say they are constantly striving to achieve better communications. The challenge is that the quality of communications is a subjective matter. What you may think as improved communication is not the same as what someone else may think. The three questions you should therefore ask your team members for improving communication are:

  • What do you want to know?
  • How do you want to know it?
  • How often do you want the communications?

In summary, the one key thing that managers can control is the quality of their team briefings as a way to solve many issues.

The video correlates productivity, talent and communications and why it is important for management to focus on the same.