The International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) are a comprehensive set of international financial reporting standards for governments and other public sector entities.  The correct adoption of IPSAS promises public sector organisations many benefits including consistency, comparability and improved resource allocation decisions which results in greater transparency and accountability.

This three-day comprehensive – live, virtual or face to face workshop focuses on the application of principles in key IPSASs including new standards, recent changes to existing standards and first-time adoption of IPSAS. There will be use of illustrations, model financial statements and real-life case studies to understand the application and impact of IPSAS.

Learning Outcomes

By end of the workshop, the participants will:

  • Obtain knowledge of the principles in key IPSASs as applicable to government and other public sector organisations, including transition requirements on first-time adoption
  • Learn the requirements of recently issued IPSASs
  • Comply with IPSAS recognition, measurement and disclosure requirements
  • Evaluate the impact of IPSAS on financial statements
  • Analyse and interpret IPSAS financial statements

Who Should Attend

The workshop is useful for preparers and users of IPSAS financial statements who would like to understand the application of IPSAS or refresh their knowledge of IPSAS. This includes:

  • Staff in public sector finance departments
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Officials responsible for IPSAS implementation projects
  • Consultants and first-time adopters of IPSAS

A basic understanding of financial statements under any GAAP is a pre-requisite.

This course is useful for

Finance Staff in Government

Board Level