We often find that technical expertise is a given in any organisation, whether in manufacturing, trading, IT, financial services or professional services (including accounting and law firms).

In today’s highly competitive, uncertain environment, what are the key factors that give your team and organisation an edge over the others?

The World Class Manager, an internationally accredited and certified programme, covers 12 highly focused areas that helps existing, new and aspiring managers accelerate their career and their teams to excel.

    • – 21st century management
    • – Great goal setting
    • – Inspiring appraisals
    • – Optimising your time
    • – Improving communication
    • – Better meetings, better results
    • – Understanding your customer
    • – Creating a stand out team
    • – Developing me, developing my team
    • – Managing up
    • – Presenting with presence
    • – Being a strategic leader

Each of the 12 modules include bit-sized video, worksheets, reflection questions and interactive assessment

A lot of the executive MBA type programmes take you away from the office and it may not be possible to provide the same to all eligible employees.

The World Class Manager is priced at GBP 199 and comes with one-year access, including the following benefits:

    1. CPD accredited certification
    2. Over 120 key insights and tools for managers to benchmark their current practice and enhance their performance immediately
    3. Flexibility, continuity and ability to revisit modules as per convenience or requirement
    4. Improves the skill set of managers spread across multiple locations in a way that brings consistency and is also cost efficient
    5. Uplifts performance through better goal setting, time management, team communications and engagement

The programme is for both individuals and organisations, and uses international best practice insights from over 500 organisations and 1000’s of great managers from around the world. There are live webinar surgeries on a monthly basis.

In summary, new or aspiring managers may have the technical skills through years of professional experience but not relevant management experience. The existing managers may want to refresh some of their skills to become 21st Century managers.  The senior management may want to spend more time on strategic matters rather than the operations.

The World Class Manager helps individuals to become global managers and leaders.

Be World Class. Fast.

Connect with us for a webinar to walk-through the program.