Get the mind-set for the future. A business landscape that's drastically different from the one you entered. A finance profession that's changing from being a cost centre to becoming a driver of value. Welcome to the future of finance.

By updating the CIMA Professional Qualification and CGMA Competency Framework, we are preparing the next generation of finance professionals with the capabilities and confidence they need to make an impact. At the same time, we are equally dedicated to equipping our CIMA members with future-focused skillsets and mind-set needed to not just survive but thrive in the digital future.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the hot technology topics that are driving change in the accounting and finance world
  • Recognise the future-focus skills that are essential to making informed decisions
  • Recall the 4 themes that emerged from CIMA’s future of finance research
  • Identify the new areas in the CGMA Competency Framework
These outcomes are achieved through the discussion of following topics:
  • The updates to the CGMA Competency Framework
  • Future of Finance White paper: Re-inventing finance for a digital world
  • 1.25-hour video: 'Develop Your Data-Driven Business Strategy'
  • 2.5-hour eLearning course: ‘Understanding Robotic Process Automation’
  • 2-hour eLearning course: ‘Blockchain: Benefits, Values, and Opportunities’
  • 10 short human intelligence videos that align with the World Economic Forum's top skills for 2022
  • Other CGMA thought leadership and CIMA resources
Level: Basic

Who Should Attend

  • CIMA Members