Cybersecurity and its importance in the business

In today’s world, our reliance on technology such as computers, internet, wi-fi, bluetooth, smartphones, and other electronic systems and networks is significant. However, the use of technology comes with cybersecurity issues. Why is cybersecurity important? $6 trillion estimated cost of cybercrime in 2021 25,575 average… Read More »

Benefits of Blockchain Technology in Finance and Accounting

Blockchain is a sophisticated ledger system. The Financial Times defines blockchain as “a shared digital ledger that allows transactions to be recorded and verified electronically over a network of computers without a central ledger. Cryptography is used to protect the data from fraud or hackers”.The… Read More »

Blockchain: An Introduction

In the last few years, blockchain technology has received a lot of media coverage. Here wewill explain the concept of blockchain technology in a simple language. What is Blockchain? Before getting into the technicalities of this technology, let’s first understand themeaning of blockchain. “Blockchain is a database consisting… Read More »

Blockchain: The Perfect Partner for Accounting Systems

With the trends facing north for intangible currencies and digital money, efficient fraud tracing has become a primary requirement. In recent times, blockchain has become that efficient method, which can be incorporated with accounting practices. With digitization, we have compromised on privacy on cloud and… Read More »