With the trends facing north for intangible currencies and digital money, efficient fraud tracing has become a primary requirement. In recent times, blockchain has become that efficient method, which can be incorporated with accounting practices. With digitization, we have compromised on privacy on cloud and it is imperative that our audit practices should be robust enough to trace any kind of loops or misses that have happened. With great support to accounting practices, blockchain is also flexible and offers equal potential across all industries and sectors.

Blockchain is a technology which is concerned with the transfer of ownership of assets and maintaining a ledger of transactions. Here you will be able to understand the advantages of the partnership between Blockchain and accounting practices.

 How can Blockchain boost your accounting systems and practices?

1) Efficient Compliance

Blockchain is cloud-friendly and makes the system more secure and safe. Blockchain tracks all verified transactions, thus maintaining the authenticity of all records. Regulatory authorities are considering how Blockchain can be a mandatory part of the accounting process.

2) Ease of Auditing

We know how the trail of auditing works and the numerous records and data that have to be verified and cross-checked. Using blockchain technology, transactions can be recorded in a transparent, secure and verifiable manner. These features transform and simplify the work of audit professionals.

3) Error and Fraud Reduction

As Blockchain is a cloud-based system, it reduces the chances of error. Data is not stored in one central place but is stored in a decentralised form i.e. different places within the blockchain. This makes it nearly impossible for a third party to hack into it. The system offers the feature to edit transactions, and the changes need to be approved at multiple levels of network participants, making it vigilant to fraudulent practices. If any alterations are made, all the participants need to verify that it is legitimate.

4) Qualitative Accounting

Blockchain gives you the freedom to make entries real-time, avoiding the last-minute burden. It lets you reconcile your accounts with ease towards the month-end reporting.

5) Worth It

When you are working more efficiently, qualitatively, with ease and still not compromising rather enhancing the accounting practices, the solution is worth it.

It removes the need for third parties to manage the transactions and records, thus making it more reliable.  The initial cost may not be very pocket friendly, but in the longer run, it will yield valuable fruits.

6) Artificial Intelligence

Even if blockchain reduces the clerical work, it requires intelligence to be studied and implemented. Hence, accounting professionals should welcome this method and find more time to add value to their output.

In conclusion, Blockchain is an effective tool as its application results in greater transparency, enhanced security, increase in the efficiency of your operations and is very relevant to the accounting systems and practices.

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