Learn how blockchain can transform the insurance industry so you can better advise your clients, serve your organisations, or influence blockchain technology initiatives within your firm.

You'll deep dive into the technology, use cases for property and casualty, life and re-insurance as you explore the transformative uses for blockchain technologies within the industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the potential impact blockchain will have on the insurance industry
  • Identify the opportunities and benefits created by blockchain implementation in the insurance industry
  • Analyse the challenges and risks of blockchain adoption for both incumbents and new insure tech startups
  • Determine the financial, organisational, and regulatory consequences of blockchain adoption
  • Identify the importance of blockchain trends and developments related to the future of the insurance industry
These outcomes are achieved through the discussion of following topics:
  • Overview of blockchain for insurance
  • Property and casualty insurance on blockchain
  • Life insurance on blockchain
  • Reinsurance on blockchain
  • Emerging and future trends of reinsurance on blockchain
Level: Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Public accounting professionals and consultants that serve or advise insurance clients and would like to understand the impact of blockchain on the industry
  • Management accountants working in the insurance industry
  • Accounting, auditing, insurance, and finance professionals that are looking for more information on how blockchain will impact the insurance industry
  • Organisation leaders and decision makers looking to strategically influence blockchain initiatives

How will this product help you with the work on your desk?

  • Working with a mindset of knowing the future trend is of tremendous value to everyday work.
  • It helps aligning the current status of things to a desired status by gearing toward that direction. Insurance is no exception.
  • Blockchain will have such a great impact in the insurance industry that everyone in this industry should be aware of and this course is a great value−add to everyday work.